Why do guys look at women’s butts?

Why do guys look at women’s butts?

Like I’m curious as what draws a man to look at a women’s butt and say hey I like that. I am a guy and my eyes to tend to wander toward that direction more often than I care to say and I know that women do look at guy’s, but I don’t think its nearly the same degree. I don’t think that statement needs any examples I feel its a well known fact. And like why is it that society seems to glorify women’s butts? like really? when you break it down of what a man is physically attracted to it’s quite weird. The breast are basically just mounds of fat. and the butt is used to remove waste. I guess in a long rambling out way I’m really just saying like really why are those the things that turn a man on. yeah sure there’s is a lot of other things some not really weird and some much more deeply disturbing but the two big ones are those.


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2 comments on “Why do guys look at women’s butts?
  1. What are you talking about? We are looking at the ground!

  2. I don’t know why we look at ass but damn those are some asses

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